About Me

I have been known to shout “don’t think, just do!” before sprinting into the ice cold ocean. I learn by doing and I’m always willing to learn– more often than not, diving into the unknown works out in my favor.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1991 and spent the next 14 years of my life travelling overseas with my mother, a Diplomat, my father, an engineer, and my two younger siblings. I grew up in Poland as Warsaw emerged from the Cold War and Paris, France as it celebrated the new millennium. I then moved to Rennes in the French region of Brittany where I became fluent in French and developed a legitimate obsession with bread and cheese. I spent three more years in Seoul at at a DOD middle school before settling in Fairfax, Virginia where I attended all four years of high school. I then attended Emerson College in Boston, MA where I developed an independently designed major in Communication Design. After graduating in May 2012, I spent 3 months splitting my time between two amazing programs, Boston Startup School (now ‘Startup Institute’) and Project Breaker. Through Startup School I met the awesome team at The Tap Lab, a mobile gaming startup in Cambridge, MA where I’m currently acting as marketing manager. When I’m not marketing Tiny Tycoons, our new location-based game for iOS, I’m working to launch a design non-profit (currently being rebranded from CoLab) and exploring serious games, ed-tech, and design thinking. I’m still a passionate designer with an affinity for magazine layout design and information graphics, and I still travel — way too often!

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