Lessons from NCMR 2011

Here is everything I learned at the National Conference for Media Reform 2011 boiled down to 10 points that I think everyone working in grassroots journalism should take to heart. They’re really things I focused on because they’re relevant to Press Pass TV, where I’m currently interning, but they are great mantras for anyone working in communication.

1. Destroy silo mentalities.

2. Questions, not answers.

3. Collaborate – don’t compete.

4. Be transparent.

5. Do not shy away from tough topics; don’t not cover something because you don’t necessarily agree with it. That conversation will still happen with or without you, and if you don’t cover it, someone else will.

6. Take action- don’t just talk.

7. Include context in everything you do, especially in media education.

8. Small business is the future of America.

9. Local has the power.

10. Media writes history.

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